The art of making a good impression

There are several techniques to mark and customize items in PVC, PP, PU or ​​leather.
Depending on the desired effect, the type of material and the complexity of the pattern, Vinya will advise one or more of the following techniques:

Silk-screen printing

This printing process used on many surfaces, involves transferring ink through a screen or a marking product. Each colour corresponds to a screen pass.

Pad printing

A silicone rubber stamp imprints the pattern to be reproduced on any surface, even irregular. Fast and accurate result. This process is used to mark of small shaped articles. 

Digital printing

Very common, this technique offers a high quality printing, accessible even to small series printing. 

Offset printing

In this traditional printing process, printing is broken down into four basic colours CMYK. The colours are applied at the same time in one pass. Offset printing is used for larger series. 


Embossing creates relief or intaglio forms on any plastic, leather or cardboard. Great impact. Give your logo another dimension and a different feel.

Hot stamping

Standard colours are gold and silver but there are many other possibilities. Combining hot foil with embossing and you will get an even more powerful result.