From raw material to finished products

By choosing Vinya, you are sure that your orders will be treated with the utmost care, thanks to a craftmanship passed on from generation to generation, in a constant quest for perfection and respect of the highest quality standards.

Machines & Tooling


Thanks to an extensive range of machinery, Vinya can produce your most complex projects.
Vinya perfoms internally the following processes: welding (high frequency heat and ultrasound); cutting and punching ; thermoforming ; hot folding and creasing ; glueing (over) ; milling and laser cutting ; stitching.


In addition, Vinya can offer hundreds of different shapes for multiple items in PVC, PP, PU, leather … without tooling costs! And if your project comes completely out of the box, we will create a new form to meet your specifications.


High frequency welding

Welding is used for the production of many PVC articles such as pouches, cases, card holders, briefcases, folders, packages and various packaging.
For inflatable articles, PU (polyurethane) is preferred as it provides better resistance.


Thermoforming consists of taking a plastic sheet, heating it to soften it, and taking advantage of this new consistency to place it on a mold.
Suitable for small and medium series, as well as large parts due to the economic tooling costs.