reusable face-masks

Sustainable, replacing 40 disposable masks


All manufactured in Antwerp, Belgium

European patented

or disinfectant

Quick sterilisation with soap and water

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Your ideal screen protection

against the coronavirus / COVID-19

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Productions of Vinya

Really produced in Belgium, very sustainable, low CO2 footprint.

No import or stock problems.

Our productions encourage local employment and thus

a better future for the coming European generations.

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Bespoke products

Technical & paramedical applications

For office, presentation, promotion & packaging
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You can choose

the style and colours

the materials & finishes

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Vinya brings your brand to life !


Your brand is unique 

All our energy, know-how and creativity are at your service to bring your brand to life… Let’s talk about it!

Bespoke products

Stand out!

Choose an item in our extensive catalogue and let your brand shine in the life of your customers.

100% belgian quality

Know-how & customer focus

High-quality material and techniques, active recycling for 50 years: our commitments for all your projects.


Our promise

For 60 years, Vinya is giving life to your brand.

Design, production & delivery
in the utmost respect of pices and deadlines
and a constant search for quality and flexibility.

  • A lasting passion

    At Vinya, the passion for vinyl doesn’t come by chance. Since the first vinyl welding workshop created in 1948, the company has continued to grow. Today, after several succedssful acquisitions, Vinya has established itself as true reference in the sector.

  • Quality first!

    Vinya guarantees you the best value for money. Your orders are processed with the utmost care and in compliance with the strictest standards.

  • Ambition & innovation

    We look into the future with a healthy ambition. Wise investments, research for new opportunities, continuous products improvement and innovations are essential to count among the European leaders in the sector.


80% of customers remembr the brand associated with the object they receive.

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