1948: creation of Plastipac

In 1948, Emmanuel and Maria Melissas opened a small vinyl welding shop : Plastipac.
Orders rapidly increase and, soon, three employees join the workshop.
In 1951, the name of the company changed into Vinya, in reference to Vinylia.

In the 60s: dynamism & growth

Dynamism for growth
Quality has always been Vinya’s priority. It is also the driving force behind its reputation.
To cope with the increasing demand, the company moved in 1960 to Belgiëlei.
Six years later, Vinya moved into larger premises in Borsbeek, outside Antwerp city center.

In the 70s: Automation & diversification

In the seventies, new materials were added to the range.
From then on, projects were only limited by creativity.
The introduction of polypropylene and the first wave of computerisation are two important milestones at the end of the seventies. 

In the 80s & 90s: expansion et sustainability

Expansion and sustainable future
In 1982, Vinya builds a brand new warehouse of 1,000 m².
In 1997, Vinya acquires a new building adjacent to the existing buildings.
The entire infrastructure – warehouses, workplaces, storage spaces – now reach 4,500 m². 

2000 and beyond: Takeovers & consolidation

Vinya continues to expand its field of operation through several acquisitions.
2004 – Actiplast (ABAG) : expanding the packaging and display range.
2005 – Le Chapitre, the best-known name in Brussels and surroundings.
2011 – Frédéric Reich: extension & reinforcement of the promotional giveaway range.
2013 – Lukos: THE reference in the world of collectors

  • Emmanuel & Maria Melissas

  • Aristide & Evangelos Melissas