In addition to its own production, Vinya has recently added a few brands to its portfolio (as Frederick Reich or Lukos), following the acquisition of these companies.

Vinya also provides exclusive representation for the Benelux, of some prestigious brands such as Staron, Plastica Panaro or Designpanel.  

 Always on the lookout for new trends, Frederick Reich’s catalog is renewed every year to offer its customers a range of modern and innovative promotional items.

The wide choice of colours and materials offers almost unlimited possibilities for customization.

Lukos is a well-known name in the world of collectors of stamps or coins. Specialist albums and refill pages for numismatic and philatelic collections.

 Exclusive importer and distributor of Plastica Panaro in the Belux, Vinya offers a wide range of suitcases, boxes and packaging. All these products are 100% recyclable!